Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find frequently asked questions. If we don't have the answer here, contact us!

How do I receive my Toolkit?

Upon purchase you'll receive your download package to click and download immediately. We want you to get your hands on your Toolkit as fast as possible, so you can get designing!

Is this a course?

No, your Toolkit is a resource. Whilst we love courses, we want to provide you with everything you need immediately so that you can refer to it as often as possible.

My budget is already tight. Is this good value for money?

We understand how important it is to stick to a budget and keep expenses low. We created this Toolkit to offer as much value as possible, with money saving knowledge and advice, along with a special discount for a fabulous Pooky light fixture!

When will the other Toolkits be available?

Toolkit releases will be staggered. The Furnishings Toolkit is scheduled for a July 2021 release.

Will I have access to future updates for my Toolkit?

Yes! Our Toolkits are packed with helpful information and guidance but we're constantly striving to improve. We'll be listening to your feedback and desires so that we can keep each Toolkit updated and the best that it can be. You'll have open access to any updates once you purchase your Toolkit.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you're not totally happy with your Toolkit then we will provide a full refund. We've put a great deal of effort into making each Toolkit the best that it can be and we know that it will provide fantastic value to you.